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As wind energy is becoming more prevalent in the global renewable energy landscape, certain trends and advances in technology are improving efficiency, reducing expenses, and increasing the sustainability of wind energy operations.

Wind Industry Market 2023

The quest to drive and achieve net zero solutions has excelled the speed at which the wind energy market has grown in 2023.

As leading nations unite in their vision for a future in which countries reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and cut down emissions, we can look at how the wind energy market this year has adapted and grown in innovations.

Wind Energy Market Growth 2023

The Global Wind Energy Council predicts a massive 15% year-over-year growth for the wind industry in 2023. This rapid growth is predicted to continue, with the installation of 680 gigawatts of new onshore and offshore wind projected by 2027.

One of the key achievements in the wind energy sector was the installation of 1 terawatt, or 1,000 gigawatts of wind energy worldwide. This has all been achieved because of technological developments and efficiency improvements.

1. Wind Energy Artificial Intelligence

There are many companies developing solutions including machine learning, computer vision and AI. The benefits cover a wide remit of outcomes including enhancing data processing workflows which help to create efficiencies and reduce costs.

AI algorithms can predict wind patterns and adjust blade positions which all help improve the performance of wind turbines. From a computer vision perspective, analysis can be achieved remotely when it comes to assessing damage to wind turbines. This means that decisions can be made quicker as problems are identified soon which all helps with predictive maintenance.

2. Wind Farm Robotics & Automation

Technological advancements, such as larger and more efficient wind turbines, better energy storage solutions, and improved grid integration, were enhancing the overall performance and reliability of wind energy systems.

3. Digital Twins

Digital twins are virtual replicas of wind farm assets that are created using data collected from sensors on wind turbines. They provide valuable information regarding wind farm design, turbine performance, planning, safety analysis and so much more.

As a result of being able to collect valuable data, it helps to inform the decision-making process when it comes to considering reducing costs and improving safety

4. Wind Energy Alternative Manufacturing Techniques

Alternative manufacturing techniques enable an improvement in safety, sustainability and efficiency. Materials such as fibreglass and carbon fibre are used to create wind turbines blades and components. These materials are stronger and lighter, therefore enhancing their performance.

3D printing always enables production to become quicker for the production of replacement parts and also makes the maintenance and repair process more efficient. All this adds up to a reduction in process and production time as well as a saving on costs.

5. Wind Turbine Advanced Blade Design

The advancement of blade designs has met several technical problems and energy demands. New variants in blades include bionic, twisted variable-pitch, airfoil and adaptive designs.

When it comes to reducing noise and vibrations twisted blades are best whereas the variable-pitch and adaptive blades can change shape and angle based on changing wind conditions. All these advancements help wind turbine manufacturers reduce costs, and improve performance and efficiency.

6. Wind Farm Smart Asset Monitoring

Remote monitoring of data including blade angles, wind speed and temperature all help to improve the wind turbine performance and maintenance schedules. Many companies are now using wireless connectivity and remote and conditioned based monitoring.  Data is collected so that the Operations and Maintenance teams can stay ahead of the game with regards to performance and maintenance of the wind farms.

Wind Energy Outlook 2023

2023 has made waves when it comes to wind energy industry innovations and advancements. From achieving the historic milestone of 1 terawatt global installation to witnessing rapid growth and policy changes as well as technological innovations, the wind industry is on a rapid growth and expansion plan.

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